17 Simple and Best Bangle Mehndi Designs for Hands


Mehndi is the sign of good fortume(shagun), which women apply in every occasion like marriage, parties, functions, etc., Mehndi is the temporary tattoo which lasts from 1 week to 15 days.

Although many type of mehndi are in existence, but bangle mehndi design is becoming much popular. Bangle mehndi design is in the form of bangle design starting from wrist to fingertips.

1.Floral Bangle Mehndi Design:

Flowers designed in any style looks beautiful, this type of mehndi design starts from wrist ending to the finger tips spreading to the palm.

2. Curvy Bangle Mehndi Design:

This is the special mehndi design in curvy and semi circle style starting from the wrist ending to the fingertips. This is the unique mehndi design in arabic style

3.Ethnic Bangle Mehndi Design:

This mehndi design, looks excatly as if wearing bangle around your wrist. This is the unique mehndi design matching the wrist design and circle design in the palm.

4.Bridal Flower Mehndi Designs:

This is the design which suits most to the brides who loves flowers and love to have flowers in their mehndi. The special unique mehndi design is much opted by working who likes simplicity with modernity

5.Gujrati Bridal Bangle Mehndi Designs:

This is the unique gujrati mehndi design with flowers, band and baaja. This is the simple mehndi design with elegance, covering the whole of the hand.

6.Simple Mango Bangle Mehndi Design:

This design consists more of mangoes and beads all around the mehndi. This is the simplest mehndi out of all mehndi, which can even drawn by kids.

7.Kundan Arabic Bangle Mehndi Designs:

This is the free style mehndi design, designed on arms, wrist and palms. This is the modern mehndi design, with flowers, kundans and glitters embedded in it. Mehndi design with black mehndi is added attraction.

8.Floral Glitter Bangle Mehndi Design:

This is the floral mehndi design drawn across the hands and wrist with glitters and kundans. This mehndi design is designed just like as if wearing the colorful bangle around the hand.

9.Tattoo Style Bangle Mehndi Design:

Tattoo style mehndi design is the unique design, often prefer by youth and young girls. This design is designed only on the wrist in tattoo style as if wearing a real tattoo

10.Black Henna Bangle Mehndi Design:

This the black henna mehndi design, with mangoes, flowers and peacocks. This is the trending mehndi design specially choosen during festivals.

11.Colorful Bangle Mehndi Design:

This is the modern mehndi design, which is chosen by young ladies, who wear modern outfits. This is the bangle mehndi design with colorful glitters and kundans.

12.Bridal Wedding Mehndi Designs:

Bridal mehndi designs covers the whole hand in layers. This is the step by step mehndi designs which is easily drawn and has a neat structure

13.Pakistani Bridal Bangle Mehndi Design:

This is the authentic mehndi design with flowers, roses, mangoes. This is the exclusive mehndi design specially designed for pakistani brides. The whole hand is covered with mehndi and not even a small space is left out.

14.Western Style Mehndi Designs :

This is the western style mehndi design specially seen in western countries. This is the replica of tattoo waering all over the hand.

15.Layer Bangle Mehndi Design:

This is the step by step mehndi design, designed in layers with different designs. Each layer designed in arabic style with flowers and beads

16. Round Bangle Mehndi Design:

This is the modern bangle mehndi design which is opted by most of the working women. This design stands out as one, as it is simple, elegant and beautiful.

17.Peacock Style Bangle Mehndi Design:

This desiign is usually preferred by brides with peaacoks and flowers gracing the design. This is the perfect match for brides and added to it are the beautiful bridal bangles(choda)

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