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Eyes are the windows to the soul, in the same way eye makeup is an essential element of an entire look. The eye makeup adds depth to the eyes. The eyeliners are available in the form of pens also. It is very convenient to apply and apt for the starters.

How to apply eyeliner with perfection—

The liner is dipped in the liquid then a dotted line is made with the help of liner in the shape you desire. Then the dots are connected. A person could conveniently create a variety of liner styles full stop to get that office look you should try simple or smooth style full stop the natural shape of ice should be followed without surpassing the corners of eye. The date night needs an entirely different eyeliner style. The wing eyes look is very sensual and flirty. The cat eye look is apt for evening parties.

There are few tips to be followed while using eyeliner.

1. Always store in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight
2. The makeup comes in direct contact the skin so it should not be shared
3. Hygiene should be maintained before and after the application of eyeliner.
4. Eyeliner can be used only from 3 to 6 months after opening.

In olden days ladies used Kohl LEAD Based mixture to give that killer look to their eyes full stop the metal help to kill bacteria and keep away the diseases.
The ingredients used in making of the eyeliners are the film formers, thickeners and pigments.

Then it deposits a thin layer on the skin with film formers. Waxes natural gums and clays are used as thickeners. Iron oxide ultramarine chromium oxide and titanium oxide are the pigments used in eyeliners to give color to your eyes.
Before applying and eyeliner a concealer is applied on the eyes to give it a base. You should not open your eyes after 30 seconds after applying the eyeliner. Then a translucent powder is dusted over the eyeliner.
My glam offers blue metallic color eyeliner in a form of a pencil. It has a velvety texture and a Matt finish. It is smooth and blends easily into the skin. It is made up of vegetable wax taken from kernels of Berry of Japanese cherry blossom tree.
It is made on a hydrated formula as it does not flake out it has a creamy application and it is free from parabens mineral oils and nano ingredients. The Manish Malhotra violet Rush gives a hint of glamour to your looks. If you want to have those smoky eyes on a special night, then wear blue eyeliner.
The eyeliner is rich in tapioca starch that that gives a shine to your eyes. It suits all the skin types. The eyeliners are PETA approved, cruelty free and vegan. These pencils are very safe to use.

Eye makeup is not complete without the use of an eye liner. Eyeliner gives a definition to your eyes making it look beautiful and bold.

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