Major Differences Between red and white stretch marks

Red & WhiteRed & White

Stretch marks are the fine lines that appear on the skin, due to weight gain, weight loss, pregnancy, regressive workouts, hormonal changes, etc., These are the streaks that appear specially on breast, under arms, chest, thighs, abdomen.   (Read: How to remove Stretch marks)

Stretch marks forms, when there is an excessive pressure on the skin dermis, tearing skin layer and causing stretch marks. This is not a serious problem, but definitely to those, who are beauty concerned. Stretch marks are not wiped off permanently, but with treatments, latest techniques and with creams, this can be made invisible to some extent.  But do you know stretch marks are of two types? (Read: How To Remove Pregnancy Stretch Marks)

Stretch marks are basically in two types.  

Red stretch marks and white stretch marks.

  • Glucocorticoid is the hormone which is responsible for stretch marks in the body. The epidermis is damaged by preventing fibroblasts in forming skin collagen production and skin elasticity.

Red stretch marks :

Red marks are the freshly formed ones, where the blood vessels are vaguely seen through the layer of the skin. That’s why the stretch marks appear red.

  • Medical names :

Red stretch marks are medically called as Striae rubra

  • Occurrence :

Red stretch marks forms during the stages of pregnancy and puberty

  • Treatment :

Red stretch marks treatment is responsive and can be removed to a greater extent as the stretch marks are just beginning. By natural home remedies, these can be avoided.

  • tretinoin cream is the cream which can be applied on these type of stretch marks. It contains Retin-A which help sin improving collagen production, which helps in improving skin cells, repairs skin and removes stretch marks.

White stretch marks :

These are the older stretch marks which are faded away, as the time goes. When the red stretch marks are faded away, these becomes pale or in silver color. White stretch marks are the stubborn one, which does not go that effectively. Blood vessels becomes narrow and tough to remove the strains on the skin. (Read : How to remove Unwanted Facial Hair)

  • Medical names :

White stretch marks are medically called as Striae distensae alba.

  • Occurrence :

White stretch marks occur when there is reduction in collagen production, inflammation, hyper-pigmentation.

  • Treatment :

White stretch marks are hard to go. With home remedies these cannot be removed. These are stubborn and has to undergo latest treatment to wipe it off. Older surgeries like tummy tucks are used to remove white stretch marks.

  • Microdermabrasion is the treatment which is quite effective on these type of stretch marks. It improves the appearance of skin texture with small crystals.

How to prevent stretch marks ?

Stretch marks are the hard one to remove but also these are most unexpected guest in our body. There are some preventive measures, we can avoid stretch marks. Suddenly gaining weight and losing weight during pregnancy.  creams and mild treatments are the used to the larger extent to remove it by entirely cannot be wiped off.  

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