Trip To Newcastle



Increasingly popular Newcastle breaks have something for everyone. This thriving city has plenty to offer to its visitors.

1.A special local dialect is spoken by the locals that can be difficult to understand even if you are a native English speaker. All over the city, you will find phrasebooks being sold that can make it easier for you to communicate with the townspeople.

2.A large international airport is located 10 kilometers away from the city that regularly receives flights from multiple European cities, as well as Dubai. The airport is linked with the center of Newcastle by the metro – a 20-minute trip.

3.The airport has offices of several car rental companies. Tourists that expect to travel a lot around the outskirts should consider using car rentals.

4.The city has many parking lots, but the vast majority are actually paid. The most expensive parking slots are situated in the center. Parking will be 3 times cheaper, even at a small distance from the main streets.

5.The bulk of the historical attraction is centered around one area, which means you can comfortably explore them on foot. Nearly all the streets in the historic district are closed to public transport and cars.

6.Newcastle is one of the 3 UK cities with a subway. It can get you to just about any district of interest, along with some suburban areas.

7.Buses are the second main form of public transport. Taxi services are rather expensive in Newcastle, and it only would be beneficial to use them when traveling in groups.

Authentic festivals, traditions, and lifestyle of the inhabitants of Newcastle. In the past, Newcastle was a major industrial city, but a new lifestyle full of interesting festivals and traditions replaced the industrial one.

8.Bicycles are yet another popular form of transportation among the locals, and you will find special bicycle paths virtually everywhere in the city. You can rent bikes at one of the rental points and some hotels actually offer them to guests for free.

9.King’s Gate Visitors’ Centre is the largest travel agency. In it you will find out about upcoming cultural events, get a city map, and buy various types of tickets for public transport.

10.Thrifty travelers looking to save on their meals need to consider checking out Stowell Street, which has Chinese bistros as well as restaurants that offer affordable prices.

11.Escapes Cruises frequently organizes river cruises from the waterfront in the warmer months. During such water trips, you will have the opportunity to admire the city attractions from a different angle.

12.Travelers looking to briefly explore the key attractions need to use sightseeing buses. The buses depart from the main train station in the city at least once each hour.

13.You will find numerous hotels of different levels in Newcastle. You can even find budget hotels located in the city center, which means that with early booking, it is possible to find affordable accommodation on one of the main streets.

14.One of the most attractive areas for walking in town is Grainger Town. It has perfectly preserved stunning Victorian buildings that together form an amazing architectural ensemble.

15.Gourmets are invited to the main city markets where the best farm products are sold. You should pay special attention to the locally produced cheese and meat delicacies.


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