Smart watches

Smartwatches have become must devices because they perfectly meet the needs of a modern lifestyle

Smartwatches are one of the fastest-growing items in the category of consumer electronic devices that also include televisions and tablets. Experts had foretold that in 2018 smartwatches sale would touch the 43.5 million mark and the figure is likely to double by 2022 when it is touching 90 million. The figures speak about how much people rely on the capabilities of smartwatches, which is the reason for growth. Indeed, some naysayers feel that smartwatches are a waste of money, but perhaps they lack sufficient knowledge and information about the device that makes them skeptical about investing in it.

To have a solid understanding of what smartwatches can do, go through this article.

More than just telling time

Watches have been the most prominent fashion accessories for men and more than just looking at the time it can be an item of luxury. Watches are the perfect blend of fashion and functionality, but the advent of smartphones is pushing its popularity to the edges.  And why not because when you have a smartphone, it does not only just tell time but has an alarm and calendar too. Despite the push of smartphones, watches are once again back in the reckoning in the form of smartwatches that does much more than just telling time.   Besides the basic watch features, smartwatches can do things that are out of bounds for smartphones.

Track a phone, keys or other devices easily

Losing your phone or keys can be highly frustrating as it often happens at times when you need it the most. But if you have a smartwatch, it is easy to overcome the fear because the device comes with a ‘Find Phone’ feature as you can connect your phone or other digital devices to it and be able to ring it. By pressing a few buttons on your phone, it is now very easy to locate your phone.

A fitness tracker on your wrist

For fitness freaks, smartwatches are must-haves because it has all the features of fitness tracking that helps them to keep up with their fitness goals. The day might not be far when people would no more buy a pedometer or fitness tracker but rely on their smartwatches to keep a tab on their fitness. Smartwatches track your movements closely, and it can count the distance, steps, calories, pulse rate, heart rate, and sleep and even count some specific health metrics that you need. Garmin Singapore smartwatches are especially good on this account.

Receive social media notifications

Smartwatches allow people to stay in touch with their social media accounts as it can receive all social media notifications. As many people want to stay active on social media continuously, this is a great advantage, and it depends on the smartwatch model whether you receive messages only or have the facility of interacting with others. Check that the watch has access to the internet or else you must connect to the internet via some other device with Bluetooth.

The powerful batteries of smartwatches make it last much longer than smartphones, which is why it is a better choice when you are going on some trip.


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