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Essential Things You Should Know About Vegan Skincare

You are probably aware of what it means when individuals describe themselves as vegans. It means that they do not consume any food products derived from animals. But did you know that the usage of the word has expanded to include non-food items? Today, there are vegan medicine, clothing, shampoo, and cosmetics. And the most popular among all of them is vegan skincare.

What is Vegan Skincare?

Vegans only eat plant-based food while altogether avoiding meat and animal byproducts such as eggs and cheese. It follows the same principle with vegan skincare, considering that it shuns the use of any ingredients derived from animals when creating products.

Popular skincare items often contained collagen, honey, keratin, beeswax, and other ingredients derived from animals. Skincare products classified as vegan, on the other hand, utilize plant-based and synthetic ingredients instead of animal-derived components.

What are the Benefits of Vegan Skin Products?

Considering that these skincare products are made primarily of plant-based ingredients, using eco-friendly products may provide the following benefits:

  • Gentle skin caring properties

The plant-based ingredients in vegan products are brimming with vitamins, antioxidants, and anti-inflammatory properties that nourish the skin with practically zero-risk of irritation. The uses of such elements also make these beauty products beneficial for all types of complexion, especially sensitive skin. Since these products consist of a handful of natural ingredients, it is easier for you to recognize what you are applying on your skin. 

  • Effective skin healing and beautifying properties

The majority of vegan products comprise of botanical ingredients that have been proven effective in addressing skin concerns and improve complexion. These botanicals include ginger, mint, aloe vera, lavender, and garlic, among others.

  • Anti-aging properties

Many vegan products contain ingredients rich in antioxidants and with hydrating effects, such as chamomile, essential oils, and seaweed. Skin that is properly hydrated is more radiant, plump, and youthful-looking.

  • Animal and environment-friendly

Vegan skincare manufacturers do not conduct animal experimentation or testing in the creation of their products. To help protect the environment, the majority of them utilize recycled items for use as packaging materials and implement earth-friendly processes.  

How Popular are Vegan Skincare Products?

The vegan product industry is on the rise with a global market value of more than $3 billion in 2018 alone. The popularity of vegan products gets driven by the following:

  • Consumers who are looking for beauty products that are not only made with plant-based ingredients but are also cruelty-free (products that do not harm animals)
  • Consumers who prefer using skin products incorporating safe and natural ingredients
  • Environmentally-conscious consumers who choose to patronize products that use natural raw materials and earth-friendly processes
  • Social media influencers and beauty bloggers who are promoting vegan products in their channels and platforms

How Do You Spot Vegan Products?

If you are looking for vegan products to include in your skincare regimen, here are useful tips that you may want to consider:

  • Read the label and go through the ingredients to be sure that the products contain plant-based components only. If you see botanicals, essential oils, and plant extracts as ingredients, the product is most likely vegan.
  • Look for cruelty-free certification by animal rights group PETA and the Leaping Bunny logo. This logo is recognized globally as a symbol that means no animals were used for testing during the creation of the product.

If you have been following a vegan diet and you advocate for the rights of animals, it is almost second nature that you start using vegan beauty products as well. The discussion above will help you better appreciate how these products mean more than skincare.

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