Beach Culture in Australia That Attraction More People

Beach Culture in AustraliaBeach Culture in Australia

Australia is surrounded by water and known for its spectacular beaches. As a result, tourism blooms more every year and has become an essential component of its economy. Almost 9 million international visitors came to Australia in 2019, which was a 3% increase from the reported figure in 2015. These visitors came for the beaches and all the fun activities associated with it.

More than 10,000 beaches are bound to be enjoyed in Australia, which is why beach living has become an integral part of its culture.

The Locals

Australians love spending their holidays at the beach. Even during ordinary days, they would be by the sea and about to surf, snorkel, or just stroll across the shore. Australian beaches belong to the people. There are no private ones that can only be visited by a few. Wearing bikinis is already a norm in the community, so no one can ever pry on what someone wears.

However, Australians have some rules and regulations regarding beach conduct to maintain the natural beauty and protect the place they call home. It is forbidden to drink alcohol, leave litter, light fires, and get completely naked on the beach. There are some nude beaches where getting naked is expected, but on normal ones, people wear swimwear, so bikinis Australia can be an option for women. Some of their swimwear may also look like their underwear, which is also normal to the locals. 

What to Do at the Beaches

Cottesloe Beach is always a crowd favourite. It is perfect for swimming and walking, and the best spot for snorkelling as well. Some parts of this beach lack sand for sunbathers. So, anything appropriate to wear, such as bikinis in Australia, should be alright. But the entire beach makes such amazing waves for the surfing enthusiasts.

A trip to Cable Beach is also a must-try. It is famous for its magnificent soft white sand where travellers would enjoy the picturesque view, the calm blue water, camel trains, and epic sunsets.

The Wineglass Bay is a Tasmanian beach famous for the activities it offers, such as kayaking, snorkelling, wildlife spotting, and hiking. The one-hour hike allows the visitors to oversee the scenic view of the beach.

If easy accessibility to the beach is preferred, Bondi Beach makes the perfect option. It is situated near the city, surrounded by different establishments, and well-known for its history. The world’s first lifesavers’ club for surfers originated in Bondi Beach. The club provoked various bathing suit complaints, which led to the acceptance of bikinis in Australia.

Experience the Australian culture

Various beaches also house different festivities and markets. Fishing, spotting dolphins and kangaroos, boat riding, and kayaking are some of the best fun activities on Australian beaches. Though beaches dominate the Australian tourism and comprise a bigger part of its culture, the country can offer a lot more incredible things to see and do. You can also visit the world-class graffiti alleys of Melbourne, have a picnic in the Dandenong Ranges, sip the best coffee in Melbourne, enjoy a wildlife experience in St. Kilda Pier, go to amusement parks, and so much more.

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