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Pedicure At Home

How To Do Pedicure At Home In 5 Easy Steps

How to do pedicure at home? We often neglect our legs. We do not pay that attention regarding their hygiene ...
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Lip Stick Makeup

How To Wear LipStick Makeup-Basic Tutorial For Beginners Should Know

LipStick Makeup Basic Tutorial Every woman is beautiful. Lips define the beauty of women. Make up is something which is ...
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16 Uses & Benefits of Curry Leaves For Hair & Health

Curry leaves called as kadi patta in hindi and karive paaku in telugu comes from Rutaceae family. This is mostly ...
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14 UnKnown Benefits of Cucumber Seed Oil – Interesting One

You must be thinking of, does cucumber seeds contain oil? Yes cucumber seed contains about 45% of oil Thinking of ...
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Dangerous Foods

11 Dangerous Foods You Should Avoid after 30’s

Human body changes with age. Till 30 body functions fast, resistance, immunity, digestion, beautiful, young and active. After 30, we ...
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