5 Tips to Kickstart Your Career in Interior Designing.

Fashion students working as a team at the collegeFashion students working as a team at the college

To become a successful interior designer, you must have an abundance of knowledge and skills but do keep in mind that it’s not an easy road. It takes years of effort to become successful and make a name for yourself. With a plethora of courses available in the country, JD Institute of Fashion Technology offers three-year program divided into six semesters in B.Sc Interior Designing. This Institute will help learners to attain substantial knowledge in the area of Interior designing.  

However, if you’re still confused on how to start a career as an interior designer- here are 5 tips to kickstart your career in interior designing:

1.Build an impressive portfolio

If you have just completed a course in interior design, the next step is to build an impressive portfolio. With every completed project, make sure you take lots of pictures and since you’re just starting as an interior designer, it’s important to offer services at lower rates to build your portfolio. This may not be the very best option but it will help you secure clients, at a much higher price in the future. Also, the first impression lasts for a longer period. The stronger your portfolio, the better it is.


You’ve just started a venture as an interior designer and to get client’s, you need connections in the industry. Do remember that networking is as important as social media.

Interior design is an area that leans on moving elements- like, you will need to know credible experts in your area to assist you with the construction work. Interior designers work with various people like kitchen and bathroom specialists, textile suppliers, contractors and plenty more. The more you develop and build mutually valuable business connections with people in other aspects of the industry, you’re guaranteed to get clients. 

3.Join an internship

If you’ve just graduated from an interior design course and are confused about where to begin, the first and foremost step is that it is important to utilise the amount of knowledge that you have amassed through years of learning. So why not consider joining an internship? An internship will allow you to have first-hand experience working in a professional environment and gear you up when you start your own venture. 

4.Be creative

A good interior designer stands out among fellow interior designers for their innovation and creativeness. To sell your service to a diverse clientele, you have to regularly enhance your knowledge and think differently. Make sure to sharpen the method of giving rise to new ideas and absorb them into your designs. This will greatly help in the project to have that innovative feel and the next thing you know it, you’ll be on your way from becoming a successful interior designer. 

5.Maintain the right balance

An interior designer has to constantly handle customers, retailers and suppliers etc. and sometimes you face some challenges daily like incompatible opinions, logical and technological problems, and financial constraints and maintaining the right balance between these is the most crucial part of your job as an interior designer. 


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