15 Hair Color Trends to Try in 2023

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Are you ready to take your hair to new heights this year or completely change your overall look? Whether you want a drastic change or you’re just looking for a simple color refresh, there are so many exciting hair color trends to try in 2023. 

Today, different hair colors are more widely embraced and available, which means you have the possibility to embrace any hairstyle or color you love. For example, red, pink, blue and purple hair have all become popular, alongside other more mainstream looks like balayage, ombre and babylight coloring techniques

And as it turns out, 2023 is actually a really exciting time for hair trends and colors. People are recreating their identities and exploring different styles while centering on self-expression. Being that our hair is at the root of our identity and self-expression, we expect to see people getting really creative with their tresses this year. 

If you’re not for the bright and vibrant colors, don’t worry! This year has so much in store for people who want a subtle balayage or a high shine all over using professional hair color. Hair color is a spectrum, and we are celebrating it all! 

15 Hair Color Trends to Try in 2023

Whether you’re a stylist looking for the latest hair trends or you’re searching for inspiration for your next hairstyle, we have got you covered with these hair color trends to try in 2023. 

1. Espresso Ombre

Who said the ombre hairstyle wasn’t trendy anymore? Espresso brown hair is making a huge splash with dark roots and warmer, chocolatey ends. How do you take your coffee? 

2. Rooted Blonde Blend

For those who appreciate having a deeper shadow root with bright blonde ends, you’re going to obsess over a rooted blonde blend. This gives you the best of both dark and light. 

3. Mocha Ash

Did the espresso ombre style catch your attention? If you love that trend, you’re going to love this different take on the coloring style. You’ll have a dark root that flows down to your ends and ashy brown lights painted with a balayage technique. 

4. Mushroom Brunette

Are you seeing a theme here? Brown hair is going to be one of the most popular color trends and styles this year. Whether it’s the before and afters of blondes going brunette on TikTok or people craving richer, darker-looking hair, brown is here to stay. With mushroom brown hair, though, this color is deeper at the roots and ashier toward the ends. The style looks very rich but also lived in. 

5. Violet Brunette

Pairing purple and brown together is genius — especially this year. We love brunette roots with vibrant purple ends. 

6. Peachy Rose Gold

Try peachy rose gold if you love a unique pink hue for your hair. This incorporates pink and orange to give you the most head-turning hair you’ve ever had. Your stylist may need to apply professional hair lightener to get your hair lifted so that these colors can pop.

7. Pearl

Iridescent hair? Sign us up. With the pearl hair coloring trend, anyone can have beautiful platinum hair with subtle pink hues, which look identical to a shiny pearl. This style will probably require a bit of maintenance, but it will be worth it. 

8. Honey Beige

While platinum blondes and ashier shades of lighter hair may be in, we are also seeing a lot of hype around honey or golden blonde tresses. This is for the people who want a warmer, more natural looking blonde. 

9.Sunkissed Balayage

If you are really feeling like you need a hairstyle that brightens up your look and vibe, ask your stylist for sunkissed balayage. This will weave in bright blondes and darker blondes to give your hair dimension — no matter your natural color. You will look like you just stepped off the beach. 

10. Copper

We are seeing copper and red being very popular this year well before fall and winter — when they usually peak in popularity. So, if you’ve always wanted fiery locks, now’s the time to try a coppery style. 

11. Caramel with Dark Roots

If you have naturally dark hair but you want a brighter look without putting your hair through too much damage, you may want to try caramel balayage. This will give your hair subtle highlights that start mid-shaft and get more dramatic toward the end. 

12. Apricot Red

Orange colors are making quite the statement this year, and we are so excited to see orangey-red hairstyles. This is a refreshing and unique look! Get on the wave early! You heard it here first. 

13.Ginger Brunette

If you’re not wild about going full redhead, but you want to embrace the color orange or copper with your natural, dark roots, we love the ginger brunette hair color trend. This balayage style leaves your roots dark with bright, ginger ends. It’s more subtle than it sounds, but we think it will look great on you. 

14. Cool Black

If you haven’t figured it out already, dark hair is ruling the 2023 hair color trends. While there will always be a place for blonde, platinum and highlights, we are loving the intensity of these brunette or black hair looks. You’ll be seeing a lot of cool black, and you may even see some variations with a gray balayage or caramel ends. 

15. Glazed Bronde

If you can’t decide between being brunette or blonde, why choose when you can have both? The glazed bronde trend gives you the best of both worlds with ashier blonde tones and a cool-toned brunette color that looks glossy and shiny. If you want healthy-looking hair that still has so much dimension, this is the color for you!

Did you find a hair color that you’re feeling inspired by? If not, you can always adapt these trends to put your own spin on them and personalize it to your style. Your hairstylist can also help you decide which colors and styles work for you, your skin tone, your lifestyle and your dream hair goals. Happy hair coloring!

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